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Specialists in infrastructure investment


We specialise in providing 100% financing for new fit for purpose buildings and infrastructure as well as releasing funds from owned and planned projects.


For investors, users and owners of property we will create the solution for you.


We offer turn-key solutions based on in-depth research and development to advise on purchases across many different sectors so that we can help build corporate and individual portfolios and enhance their asset pool.

What we do.

We help to build strategic relationships between the public and the private sector to help manage assets more profitably.

Kew and Kew buy, build and structure assets in order to unlock funds without divesting. 

We have the experience, network and expertise to help generate secure long term value. 

We ensure that income is structured to give investor/lender security.

We are able to manage every aspect of the project from origination through to purchase, planning, contract management and provide 100% of the financing.

Our industries.

Age & Healthcare

Hospitals & Clinics

Long term care facilities

Aged care facilities


Government tenanted


Public buildings


Affordable housing

Social housing

Key worker accommodation


Schools & colleges

University buildings

Student accommodation

Renewable energy

Renewable energy projects

Anaerobic digestion

Solar projects

Transitional energy



Transport systems

Power transmissions 

Our Solutions are all SDG's compliant

Long term income

Our long term investment strategy is to create income payments over set periods as defined by investors.

Our investors seek predictable fixed income payments as opposed to increasing capital value.

Most importantly, priority is given to income protection from inflation, to ensure that long term real income is achieved. 

Asset backed income

Our long term income strategy is based on infrastructure assets ensuring that throughout the life of our investments an underlying asset is held.

Whilst not seeking asset value growth, it is a function of the assets employed that security is provided.

In addition to asset value backing, we provide underlying insurance protection where required. 

Funding for private and public buildings

We offer turn-key solutions based on in-depth research to advise on purchases across many different sectors so that we can help build corporate and individual portfolios and enhance asset pools.


Working with developers across the world we co-invest and manage ground up developments and completed property purchases that will help facilitate growth.


Our team leverages its extensive experience and net­works to support our clients across a range of investment criteria. 

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